Gareth Lucas
Gareth LucasCEO
Gareth holds a Masters in Engineering (Electrical Engineering and Software Systems). Gareth is a highly motivated, methodical entrepreneur dedicated to detail, value creation and tangible results. Highly capable interpersonally with an accomplished ability to understand, interpret and unite others. Visionary and a creator, substantive problem solver by adhering to logic and reverting to first principles. A numerically obsessive and highly meticulous decision maker.

Gareth describes himself as a retired lead guitarist and avid snowboarder and is currently training for 70.3 ironman in Maastricht and is an entrant in the Caterham Academy race series.

Debra Stuart
Debra StuartManaging Director
A Chartered Director and Fellow of the Institute of Directors, with a strong track record of creative problem solving and developing imaginative, effective business solutions. Debra has substantial leadership experience with 10 years as CEO across a variety of corporate, SME and private equity backed business. Debra currently leads the strategic growth plan for Unified Retail.

Debra is a keen tennis player and is currently learning how NOT to throw pottery on her new potters wheel.

Steven Thompson
Steven ThompsonManagement Accountant
ACCA trained accountancy specialist overseeing all the financial activities of Unified Retail, reporting on management accounts, risk management and policy implementation. Steve has over 20 years experience specialising in the complexities of eCommerce accountancy and pan EU taxation requirements.

Having played professional football, Steve has now turned to veterans football and is a keen Crossfitter

Carly Wallace
Carly WallaceBrand Growth Manager
With 10 years experience in international business development, Carly heads up the Commercial team at Unified Retail working closely with all brand partners to ensure positive brand representation and price protection across Amazon.

Carly is also responsible for all of Unified Retail’s overseas brand partners, importing from US, China, India and EU.

Carly loves sketching and watercolour and is a keen fitness enthusiast who enjoys running and practising yoga.

Ryan Priestman
Ryan PriestmanOperations Manager
Ryan has been with Unified Retail for 7 years and controls all aspects of operational efficiency across the manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. Ryan also manages the Amazon digital marketing team.

Most of Ryan’s spare time is spent with his young family and watching football.

Jake Donald
Jake DonaldOperations & Logistics
Jake oversees the overall management of stock at Unified Retail. Reporting to the Head of Operations, he controls both inbound and outbound logistics, ensuring shipments handle priority and non priority goods in an effective manner. On a day to day basis Jake plays an integral part in monitoring the cost efficient management of stock including liquidation of slow moving and/or excess stock, stock adjustments and returns reimbursements.

Jake plays football for his local team and enjoys socialising with friends at weekends.

Simona Staneva
Simona StanevaDigital Marketing Specialist
With a Bachelor’s Degree in ICT, Simona specialises in web development and paid marketing.

Simona is Unified Retail’s PPC and Advertising Strategist, managing all marketing budgets for online advertising across all brand partners. Simona boasts a total of 17 courses and degrees related to PPC and Web Design, including the fundamentals of Google and Hubspot.

Outside of work, Simona’s interests include Makeup, Formula 1 and Japanese anime.

Victoria Bodsworth
Victoria BodsworthPurchasing Manager
Victoria graduated from University with a Bachelor degree in science specialising in Statistics. Victoria is responsible for all purchasing administration at Unified Retail from monitoring of stock levels through to purchasing and forecasting.

Victoria enjoys watching most sports but has a specific passion for rugby and held the position of President of the University Women’s Rugby Club for two years.

Lawrence Smith
Lawrence SmithSoftware Developer
Lawrence has a MSC Distinction in Computer Science and joined the engineering team at Unified Retail in 2020. Lawrence is responsible for writing and reviewing code, bug fixes and planning future sprints/tasks which maintain and further develop the Unified Retail in-house software.

Utilising a variety of languages, frameworks and libraries including: PHP, Symfony, Fuel, PHPUnit, MySQL, JavaScript, Vue.js, HTML, CSS and SCSS combined with technologies like: Jira, Docker, Linux, Xdebug, Zebra Printers and more.

Lawrence is Unified Retail’s Company Quiz team member of choice and in his spare time enjoys playing chess, playing the guitar and going to the pub with friends.